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Fine Mesh Nets

FAST FENCE Fine Mesh Electric Nets are the best electric fence nets available anywhere “for poultry and small animal control”. They are the tallest rabbit tight nets with 3" fine mesh (7.5 cm). All the posts are already installed in the netting at the proper spacing making it very quick to erect the fence.

Garden & Lamb Nets are 34" tall (85 cm), are green with black posts, and come in 165' (50 m) rolls. This fencing also controls other small animals like kid goats, smaller dogs, rabbits, skunks, foxes, woodchucks (ground hogs), raccoons, smaller chickens, & other poultry.

F632 Garden & Lamb Net, green: $189.00


All FAST FENCE™ Nets are useful for wildlife control, too.

34" Fine Mesh green electric net fencing for sheep, lambs, small goats, gardens, and control of predators & wildlife (woodchucks, raccoons, skunks, etc.)

    Available in Orange or Green

High Security & Poultry Nets
are 44" tall (110 cm) “for maximum control of poultry, predators, and most animals large and small” and come in 165' (50 m) rolls. It provides an effective deterrent against predator animals and can be used for raising all types of poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys) and game birds. These electric fence nets are available in orange with white posts or green with black posts.

F641 Hi Security & Poultry Net orange:
F643 Green HS/Poultry Net: $199.00

New - Backyard Poultry Net, 44" tall but half length 82' (25M) rolls, in green only. Complete kits available with choice of four energizers. See order form.

F644 Backyard Poultry Net, Green: $129.00

Subsidized shipping saves $15-$25 per net

FAST FENCE™ electric nets protect gardens, fruit trees, and landscaping from damage by many common pests like rabbits, dogs, raccoons, skunks, wild pigs and hogs, and other wildlife.


Wildlife control
Electric Nets have been used successfully to control various types of predator animals and other wildlife. Protecting bee hives from black bears at New England berry farms,
controlling deer, squirrels, skunks, and raccoons
around fruit trees, landscape plants, gardens, ponds, etc., and for added security and protection while camping in areas with bears, mountain lions, and other dangerous wild animals are some of the more unusual applications.


Some guy strings and stakes are provided for use at corners. All nets have clips and tie strings for attaching one net to the next and a small repair kit in case any netting becomes torn or broken.
Heavy duty Post Kits and Gate Nets are available handy accessories.

Electric net fence to control rabbits, raccoons, and other predators

FAST FENCE Nets are easy to erect and to relocate.

electric fencing netting replaces more permanent woven wire field fence (aka hog wire, American wire, Page wire, mesh wire, and net wire) at much lower total costs. Other uses include temporary and portable fencing for rotational grazing (aka controlled grazing & intensive grazing), fencing for the control of alpacas, llamas, horses, ponies, cows, cattle, calves, swine, cats, dog pens, and protection from all kinds of wildlife & animal pests, especially for gardens.
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