MAXIM Portable Fence Energizers

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MAXIM Portable B 6

The convenient Portable B 6 fence energizer hangs onto any electric fence easily and operates on two "D" cell flashlight batteries. The B 6 is used for "controlled grazing", garden protection, pet control, and all livestock in shorter fences with little or no vegetation on them. Alkaline batteries will provide four to six weeks of continuous use. Comes complete with integral fence and ground leads with alligator clips. Batteries not included. Two year warranty.

C112 MAXIM B 6: $89.00


B 6 portable fence charger

Portable B 15

This unique and very versatile fence energizer operates fence overgrown with weeds and grass and is very portable, using either 4 "D" cell batteries or a 12 volt battery (for about three times the power output). Alkaline batteries will provide 4-20 weeks depending on the power mode selected (Night & Battery Saver, Battery Saver, or Full Power) and the adjustable pulse rate (10-60/minute). Comes with battery leads and a fence lead. The B 15 can be mounted directly onto a fence wire or tape and onto a ground rod. Displays battery volts, pulse rate, output volts, and selected program. Three year warranty.

C115 MAXIM Portable B 15: $139.00
D304 FAST FENCE Ground Rod: $8.00

B15 battery operated fence energizer

MAXIM Solar S 80

The S 80 is a solar powered energizer with an internal 12v battery. It operates as much or more fence than solar units costing much more. It is easy to use with a hanger hook, external fuse holder, and an "on/off/charge" switch. It will operate long lengths of well insulated fence and shorter lengths with a vegetation load. Mounting brackets for steel T posts are available. Three year warranty including lightning damage.

C117 MAXIM S 80: $319.00
C337 T Post Brackets: $7.60


S80 Solar fence charger

B 2-20 High Power Portable

The B 2-20 is a powerful battery or solar operated fence energizer that is useful for many applications where line-operated 110 volt energizers are not practical. The HALF power switch setting is used to extend battery charge life from 3 to 6 weeks whenever maximum power is not needed. Pulse rate is constant at lower battery voltage for better stock control. 12 volt 100-185 ma input, modular construction, optional solar panel trickle charger available. A deep cycle marine battery, 100 AH or better, is recommended and purchased separately. One or two six foot ground rods needed. Three year warranty including lightning damage.

B 2-20: $199.00

Maxim B 2-20 battery operated energizer
Solar Panel Kit

An optional 10 watt Solar Panel Kit is available for use with the B 2-20 energizer. The kit functions as a trickle charger for a deep cycle 12v battery and will maintain the battery continuously in normal use with a B 2-20 on the half power setting and will triple the battery life between recharges on the full power setting. It may also be used to charge other 12v batteries when not needed on a fence. The long life panel is bullet tolerant (no glass) and can be mounted onto a wood fence post and aimed toward the sun in a few minutes using the special hardware provided.

C335 Solar Panel Kit: $249.00

Solar panel for fence chargers

MAXIM Dual Power Battery/Plug-in Energizer

Dual X100 and X150

The X100 and X150 are unique electric fence energizers that can be operated with a 12 volt battery or plugged in to a 110 volt receptacle or extension cord. They will power five to seven electric fence nets with average vegetation loads, seven to ten electric nets with no vegetation, and up to about 10 or 15 miles of well insulated wire for horse or cattle fence. This fence charger can be hung on a post or wall. It comes with portable fence and ground rod leads and 12 volt battery leads, both with alligator clips, and with a 110 volt plug-in adaptor. The units have a two year warranty, including lightning damage.

C200 MAXIM Dual X100: $129.00
Dual X150: $149.00

Maxim Dual X100 battery or 110v fence charger

Line-Operated 110 Volt


The M 2-20 is the ideal energizer for most small to medium size applications and will power six to seven Nets with average vegetation loads or ten to twelve Nets with no vegetation load. The M 2-20 has a three year warranty, including lightning damage.

C102 MAXIM M2-20: $169.00


M2-20 plug-in fence energizer


The M 3-30 is a popular size unit for many high power energizer applications. It will power ten to twelve Nets with average vegetation loads or sixteen to twenty Nets with no vegetation load. The M 3-30 has a three year warranty, including lightning damage.

C103 MAXIM M3-30: $199.00


M3-30 110v fence energizer

Economy Fence Chargers


The Mini Max is a very compact "low impedance" 110 volt unit that will power two FAST FENCE Nets with average vegetation load or up to four electric nets with no vegetation load. The new unit terminals are wing-nut style that accommodate plain wire or ring connector leads. The unit has replaceable fuses and a regular one year warranty.

C110 Mini Max: $79.00

Mini Max fence charger

Matador 12 volt battery powered

The economical Matador fence energizer operates two FAST FENCE Nets with some vegetation or four Nets with no weeds and grass touching the "hot" wires. It is operated by a 12 volt external battery which may be recharged many times and which will last from 2 to 12 weeks between recharges depending on the type of battery used. Comes with integrated battery leads and fence and ground rod leads all with alligator clamps. The Matador can be mounted on a post or wall with fasteners through holes on the top and bottom of the unit. One year warranty.

C114 Matador: $79.00

Matador 12 volt battery powered fence charger

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